imagereflections is a dynamic professional photography service with a team of talented individuals working in both traditional and digital mediums based in London. The team is educated at degree and Master Level with decades of experience in the media sector. It emerged as a result of its founder “Tony Colli” having both a photographic and fine art background wanting to merge, fuse and experiment with both mediums to ultimately create outstanding photographic imagery. This background in expressionist figurative fine art provides imagereflections with the creative art direction to approach each and every Fashion and Portrait project in a unique and artistic way.

The Concept: The founder’s background in abstract figurative art leads to a natural interest in fashion photography and portraiture allowing the freedom for the artistic vision to be translated into powerful images. The vision for imagereflections photography is to allow a medium for the fine art ideas to be expressed and captured in fashion photography photo shoots and the magnificence of the ideas to be expressed and captured in unique artistic portraits. We add a dramatic effect to our projects through unique stage setting, dramatic lighting and the use of bold primary colours in the staging of the photo shoot.

Our beliefs and core values centre around producing unique work, perfection at every level and taking immense pride in what we do. Every photo shoot and project is approached with a strong idea/theme. We pride ourselves with being idea creators and generators and thus ensuring we produce unique fashion photography and portraiture with our own artistic signature and stamp.

The mediums we work in are both digital and traditional. Whilst digital photography is the most popular medium today due to its cost effectiveness and versatility, traditional photography is a medium we still like to work and experiment with. Traditional photography can only be described as magic. The purity, rawness and granularity of the traditional photograph cannot be replicated with digital photography. This understanding and thorough awareness of how traditional photography works means that we are masters in our field and understand thoroughly all photographic concepts. We work on the premise of perfecting the image in the first instance and don’t believe in heavily relying on post-production techniques to alter the image due to poor workmanship.

More about our founder: From a very young age Tony’s passion for photography and art was awakened. Starting at play school Tony loved mixing primary bold colours and making prints with body parts such as hands, feet, and elbows. Being a child of the late 70’s he loved to sketch marvel superheroes and enjoyed sketching with charcoals, inks and pencils before moving onto paints. His interest in photography started with being fascinated by a very tiny traditional spy camera that he received as a gift at the age of 6 and the tiny pictures it produced. As a curious and mischievous young boy he was very interested in the mechanics of the camera and began taking things apart to discover the inner workings and develop an understanding of photography. His fascination with the image continued to develop even more in the 80’s with the advent of the Polaroid and the instant image. Tony’s photographic Interest continues to be in figurative photography and portraiture but also has a strong interest in photographing shapes and angles along with abstract shapes and discarded objects.
For the past two decades, Tony has worked in a multitude of disciplines across the photography and art fields. His experience ranges from freelancing as a figurative and portraiture photographer across London, creating digital art out of his photography and in the past few years concentrating more with his fine art and using his photography as a base for some of his fine art projects. Tony has also had a keen interest in helping the community and pass on his expertise in photography to others, working with Social Enterprises in north London and teaching the elderly in the London borough of Camden.